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Each year, millions of people forgo mental health treatment because of perceived stigma, lack of access, and limited time. COPE eliminates the barriers to mental health care by taking advantage of the current technologies available and employing familiar social networking tools. Treatment is provided through live chat, secure messaging, the telephone and video.  COPE’s approach is unique in that it is the only web-based provider combining therapy with medications. Our approach allows us to improve the quality of life for many mental health sufferers by offering immediate or scheduled services.


Algaen Corporation

The Algaen Corporation has successfully developed advanced biotechnology processes to both produce biodiesel feedstock from microalgae and cost effectively extract the oil. Algaen’s major achievements include:

  • Selection and optimization of oil-rich microalgal strains that are suitable for oil production.
  • Development of proprietary photobioreactors for large scale production of the selected oil-rich microalgal strains.
  • A demonstrated process using innovative nano-materials based compounds for extracting oil from the algal biomass efficiently and cost effectively.

These breakthroughs in solving critical R&D challenges associated with microalgal feedstock production have provided Algaen Corporation with significant competitive advantages to economically commercialize microalgae-based biodiesel. This advanced technology will enable Algaen to reach the marketplace within 2~3 years and to produce 65 million gallons of biodiesel feedstock in year five. 

Algaen Corporation


Optivia Medical

Optivia Medical LLC is a medical device company developing and commercializing an innovative endoscopy medical device platform including steerable instrument delivery channels and disposable continuous flow sheaths. These endoscopy delivery systems are designed to address the limitations of current technology which only allow the physician to conduct procedures in which the surgical field can only be accessed at the location of the endoscope. Current technology allows a physician to conduct procedures with only one hand, while OptiVia allows  both hands to be used. Applying company intellectual property into patented and FDA approved devices that provide a unique independent steerable working channel in conjunction with single use operative sheaths will allow for the development of new innovative therapeutic treatments not limited by current endoscopes.


Avadim, LLC

Patented  Break Through Technology

Hospital approved and clinically proven to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) caused by Superbugs like Ecoli, MRSA, VRE, CRE and others.

The company vision is to become the leading Therapeutic Skin Care company in N.A.

The Theraworx Platform expands to Physician Sales, Acne, Sun Care, Sports Performance, Home Health, Veterinary and Cosmetics.




Panacea Solutions™ (‘Panacea’), delivers individually customized nutraceuticals in flavored gel and mini food packs prepared and shipped directly to consumers based on their specific nutritional needs and desires. This produces a personalized and economically viable nutrient delivery system with the company’s patent pending, compounding robot automation. The approach replaces the need for a person to take multiple pills daily, instead combining all of them into a single good tasting and conveniently packaged serving.

This capability also serves a medical need created by an aging population often plagued by swallowing disorders and poor compliance due to “pill fatigue”. A scalable and economic personalization system like this has been long sought after in the nutraceuticals industry but never realized until Panacea’s invention.





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