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Portfolio Companies

Optivia MedicalOptivia Medical is a company focused on developing and commercializing unique patented products for the practice of endoscopic medicine. Optivia’s vision is to create the next generation microendoscopy system from this technology platform. The initial products to be commercialized are a multiple port introducer and steerable working channel compatible for use with existing hysteroscopes. Concurrently, the Company is also developing a visually guided stepped dilator that greatly facilitates higher risk dilatations of the cervix.



Sandbox LearningThe Sandbox Learning Company is a web-based publisher of education materials for parents and professionals working with children with autism spectrum disorders. Currently, the company produces customizable stories on social and daily living skills as well as materials for data collection to monitor progress. The Sandbox Learning Company has a number of free resources such as a special education dictionary, information on lending libraries, and links to other helpful resources. The company’s goal is to be a comprehensive educational resource for parents and professionals and it is continually developing new products and materials.


ALGAEN Corporation, a biotechnology company exploring microalgae to develop leading edge products for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and biofuel applications. The company vision is to leverage its product development capabilities and innovative manufacturing technologies to commercialize microalgae-based high-value products for human health, nutrition and energy needs.


Sensory AnalyticsSensory Analytics ( SA ) is a ‘New’ Company built on more than twenty years of innovative measurement & control experience. The company possesses technology for the non destructive, non-contact and highly precise thickness measurement area which include:

  • - Non contact color, gloss and appearance control
  • - Non contact optical thickness measurement and control
  • - Non contact RF thickness measurement and control

The company’s patented information technology solutions increase manufacturing yields and reduce costs. SA owns a portfolio of proven applications designs and systems which have generated demonstrable results and blue chip success stories.


CChange SurgicalA medical device development company that actively factors cost management into its innovations. C Change Biosciences Inc develops clinical devices filtered through an economic lens. The company adds functions that will improve clinical performance to solve clinical problems for hospital customers while at the same time lowering usage costs and waste. In addition the company reduces inventory requirements that will benefit the purchasing supply chain.


X1 CommunicationsX1 Communications is a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) that has built a wireless infrastructure that can service the Piedmont Triad market. The company’s technology is based on a fixed wireless and based on the IEEE 802.16 standard. Radio communications systems using this standard are referred to as WiMax which allows WISPs to build data delivery systems that can deliver high bandwidth data communications for customers.


GET InteractiveTIVO/DVR are dramatically changing the traditional ad revenue models by allowing users to bypass current product commercials. Product placement is moving to unique new areas such as product integration with the show, storyline or character. GET Interactive has designed and developed a system that allows consumers to identify and purchase items seen on television or broadband broadcast shows. The company’s ability to make this available exponentially expands product placement opportunities and provides multiple new revenue streams to networks.


BioptigenBioptigen has developed an OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography ) Microscope for high-throughput in vivo, real time, two and three dimensional imaging of emerging very small animal models. The OCT Microscope couples a proprietary OCT engine to a custom lateral beam scanning capability. The OCT engine is the optical heart and signal processing brain of the system and integrates a proprietary spectral imaging system to an all fiber interferometer with no moving parts.


SpringMedThe resources necessary to transform a medical device concept into a commercially viable reality are enormous. Appropriate funding in addition to Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) experience, engineering and rapid prototyping are essential in order to have any reasonable chance for success. To this end, SpringMed Group is a medical device business accelerator that has been designed and organized around core competencies that will substantially improve the development time line and successful launch of new and innovative medical devices.



A Winston Salem, NC based LLC single purpose company created to develop, fund and produce a full length, G rated animated film ( MAGISTICAL ). This 90 minute feature film was completed in the fall of 2007 and is in the process of being distributed in the US market.


Based in Winston Salem, NC, ACT’s objective is to develop and commercialize patented technology covering drug coated medical devices, primarily focused on  catheters, for the purpose of preventing scarring/collagen formation post insertion. The company was formed to develop a series of products which combine existing medical devices, with established pharmaceuticals, in order to greatly enhance the performance of either one individually. Additional areas of application include E.N.T., trachea, G.I. and wound closure. ( a platform technology licensed from Wake Forest University Health Sciences ) The first two product groups under development are Foley catheters and urethral catheters.



TrakLok Corporation was formed in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals and serial entrepreneurs with highly complementary skills and interests. The company's mission is to commercialize products and services into the global shipping industry to revolutionize both cargo security and efficiency in order to return value to its shareholders. The company offers products that provide physical security and global visibility for highly mobile cargo and containers.

TrakLok is deploying the GeoLok™ solution, a device that prevents unauthorized entry for a container, and the TrakLog™ Intermodal Tracking and Management System™ (ITMS). The ITMS provides real-time data on the location and condition of a given container, on a need-to-know basis, to improve the efficient management of these assets.